Mast Climber Single Mast

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Mast Climbers

Time is money - Our Mast Climbers are the fastest in the industry.  Moving along at 20 feet per minute means less time going up and down and more time getting your job done.  

Free Standing - Our Climbers feature an industry leading 60 foot free-standing platform.  That's right, no anchors up to 60' heights.  Get up, get down, and move along your building in record time.

More Height – Need more than 60 feet?  Anchor into your building and extend to over 500 feet. 

Less Anchors – If you do need to anchor in, don't worry, Our Climbers require less ties than the competition.  Distance between anchors can be up to 60 feet apart.  Don't spend any more time repairing that facade than you need. 

Get Wide – Our platforms span up to 55 feet wide using a single mast.  Need more?  Use a double mast and get yourself up to 150 feet of working platform.  

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