Frame Scaffold

Setting the Standard

Frame Scaffold is the most commonly recognized form of scaffolding in the industry.  The two most common styles are "ladder" and "walk-through" frames (see below for samples).  

Infinity Scaffold stocks custom built commercial-grade frames to fit any site needs.  Big or small, narrow or tall, we have the   

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Common Frame Types

Ladder Frames


Ladder frames are the "bread" of the scaffold industry.  Having the access ladder built-in to the frame allows convenient access to your working platform. Ladders are often used on the ends of your access structure.

Walk-Through Frames


Walk-through frames are the "meat" in this analogy. You'll often see these sandwiched between a set of ladders allowing crews to walk and work at each deck level.  

Walk-Through frames are also commonly used for Overhead Protection to your crew or pedestrian traffic.